Vanigan GPS

Vanigan GPS helps track your sales person performance and generate daily activity report
Marketting and Sales staff will plan their day before starting to work, this day plan will have a list of customers the sales person is planning to meet for that particular day. So Vanigan GPS actually verify and assures that sales person has met the customer in person. This is done with the help of GPS co-ordinates of the customer and the sales person.

At the end of the business hours Vanigan GPS consolidates and generates automated day report based on the day plan and actual. This help give the owner a insight into the everyday activity of his sales force.


Daily Activity Report
Automated activity report of the sales person is generated which can be used for performance analysis.
Live Tracking
Position of the sales staff can be monitored live in mobile as well as computer when ever required.
Performance Analysis
Collection and Sales targets can be verified with number of customers visited, thus Vanigan GPS help the owner estimate the performance of his marketting staff.